Sunday, 2 November 2014

Big HELLO from FunZaggy!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the Funzaggy Kids blog. Really, I meant to start this blog sooner as we are eager to begin the fun and learning with you as well as letting you know what's up with FunZaggy. So here we are finally!

Our fun kids friendly activity business is based on the Caribbean Island of Dominica. We cater to kids, tweens and teens- by providing fun and creative activities at events like birthday parties, festivals, holiday camps, fundraisers, fairs, carnivals, family reunions and the like. Our activities include sand art, face painting, bouncy castles, slot car racing, hopper balls, parachutes, mini ball pits, educational activities and so much more.

Well you may be wondering about the name Funzaggy. Start guessing! Where in the world did this name come from? You figured it out? eh? eh?

Okay Okay- I'll tell you. It came from the mind of a play-play. First choice was Zigzaggy to represent the fun, carefree movements of children at play but Alas..... It was already taken...The domain name was gone. So without much delay, FUN was added. Guess you know why. We were about to have lots of F-U-N. So it became Fun+zaggy= Funzaggy. (We sometimes add an uppercase Z to add to the flare). The name was tested along with a few other names and the selected group of children chose Funzaggy-  Yes! So there you have it- FUNZAGGY: Where kids are Fun & Bright!

Having a fun time with Funzaggy
2014 marks our third year of operation and it sure has been a fun ride. It is such joy to meet the children at annual events like LIME's Creole in the Park, Discover Dominica's Jazz 'n Creole, RUSM Holiday Parties and the like and to hear stories of where they've hung up their sand art and why they are about to create another piece. So cool to look back at their face painting pictures and see how much they've grown. Awesome to assist at fundraisers and such a pleasure to see the children at school checking to see if the bouncy castle has arrived.

We are currently preparing to launch a kids fun store (kids merchandise). We will tell you more about it as soon as it is launched but we can guarantee you that it is just what parents and children will really, really like.

Simply put, our objective is to keep our island's children and visitors alike- entertained, by providing wholesome activities to stimulate creativity. We on the other hand, sure enjoy the smiles, the giggles and the bright remarks.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to visit Funzaggy. Oh be sure to leave a comment. We would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you. :)

You are F-U-N-tastic!